Rocket French Review

Rocket French is a French learning program that is available in both hard copy and downloadable formats. You save considerable money by choosing to download the program as it costs just $99.95 compared to $299.95 plus $49.95 S&H for the hard copy.

This is a great program that has a very informative text book that is exciting and interactive but never boring or tedious. The multimedia package is worth more than the price tag and the audio lessons are easy to understand and follow. The software is also of a high standard as are the fun computer games that are an added bonus.

Learning the French vocabulary is one of the hardest parts but Rocket French makes it easy as it covers the basics in a way that makes it simple to learn. You don’t have to be a memory genius to pick up the basics of French. Rocket French is formed almost like a game in which you can quickly and efficiently build your French recognition skills.

There are 31 interactive audio lessons included in Rocket French and they are around 20 minutes in length each so you can learn in short, sharp bursts. You will learn all of the practical necessities such as how to introduce yourself and how to react in various situations.

There are also conversation transcripts of the audio lessons so you can absorb the lessons even quicker and more accurately.

Rocket French is not perfect but it’s close to it. It is one of the better courses out there and actually puts some of the more expensive ones to shame, especially when you consider the price of the download edition. If you purchase the hard copy then you are paying as much as some of the top end programs out there but Rocket French competes well with the best of them so the price is actually reasonable.

There are so many French language programs and this one is priced in the mid range (when comparing the digital download version). It is a good choice for those just starting out or for anyone who wants to improve their French skills to the next level. It has continually come out on top in various reviews, comparisons and polls and I tend to agree that for the price, you can’t beat Rocket French.