Planning to Visit Indonesia? These Tips Can Help

Top Tips Before a Visit to Indonesia

Indonesia is a large country located on the continent of Asia. The country has more than 16,000 islands, which is an indication that it is a beautiful place. Moreover, there are tropical forests, many attractive beaches, adventurous trails that are suitable for hiking activities. A visit to the country is worth a try. With many ethnic groups, the country has a rich culture.

Are you a lover of adventure and you would like to visit Indonesia? You should not visit the country blindly. Apart from knowing some basics of how to translate English to Indonesian, here are tips that can help you know the country better and assist in the preparation of the trip for a more comfortable stay:

Know the Places You Can Visit Before Departure

Most people assume that the only place you can visit and enjoy in Indonesia is Bali. Most people who visit Indonesia only go to Bali. It is because they are not aware of other travel destinations in Indonesia. Although Bali is a nice place to visit, you should plan beyond that one location.

There are many places to visit in Indonesia. If you love activities that are related to culture, the best location to visit is Yogyakarta. For wildlife lovers, Komodo is the place you should make your priority. There are also islands that only a few people know about, such as Sulawesi.

Knowledge of the places you want to go to in advance helps in the travel preparation. For instance, you can tell which type of clothing you need to carry for the activities in those places. Moreover, you can decide on the best route and transport means to opt for. For instance, it is the Indonesian internal flights that are suitable for those who intend to visit the islands. Since the capacity of the flights to these areas is limited, it is crucial to plan your trip in advance.

Understand the Specific Visa Requirements in the Country

Until recently, everyone who visited Indonesia was required to have a Visa. Citizens of 169 countries are issued with free Visas when they travel to Indonesia. You need to research to know if your country is one of them. Normally, a Visa to Indonesia expires in 30 days. During the issuance of the Visa at the airport, you have to show your return air ticket. However, you have to steer clear of things that can land you in trouble while in Indonesia. Do not handle drugs and ensure you have an authentic prescription if you have any medicine.

Local Travel Options When in Indonesia

It is important to note that Indonesia is among the most extensive island nations. Therefore, moving across different areas may require an efficient means of transport. Most people prefer air travel because it is fast. If you select low-cost carriers, the travel cost is affordable. Tourists do not like using the rail network because it is slow. Taking the bus is cheap but slow. Those who are traveling between islands can use the seaway. When you need to move to a town, there are several options:

  • Bajaj

Jakarta is known for the use of Bajaj, also called tuk-tuk. However, given that they are open on both sides, it is easy to get rained on or inhale fumes. They are an affordable means of travel.

  • Taxi

It represents one of the most convenient ways to move around and within the cities in Indonesia. A group called Blue Bird is known to provide the taxi services which are available 24/7. App taxi services such as Uber and Grab Car are also available.

  • Rental cars

If you are traveling long distances as a group, this is a cost-effective travel means. The cost of hiring these cars is around IDR 300,000 per day. However, the charges may vary in different cities.

  • Hire a scooter

A scooter is cheaper to hire in Indonesia. Moreover, it is faster as you can move through traffic. However, you need an international driving license. Additionally, scooter accidents are rare, and you have to be cautious.

Understand How the Indonesian Currency Works

Indonesia uses the Indonesian Rupiah as the currency. Given the low value of the currency, you may be confused about the value you are told for a service. In most cases, the traders omit the last three zeros when quoting the cost of a good. For example, you can be told 40 IDR when what is meant is 40,000 IDR. Therefore, you need to make proper inquiries about the costs before making payments.

Generally, Indonesia is a secure and interesting place to visit. To stay in hotels, eat, travel and do some shopping, you should have enough money. With proper planning, it is an enjoyable travel destination.


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